Dump Trailer Shopping Tips: Comparing Hoists and Brands

Multiple Innovative dump trailers in Norco Trailers parking lot

Unlike utility or box trailers that simply hold your cargo, dump trailers have to be able to hold your cargo, and reliably lift to dump it. Since you’ll need to access the dump’s hoist over the life of the trailer, you want to make sure to invest in a quality hoist that you can trust.

We know that buying a dump trailer is a big decision for both individuals and businesses, and because of the initial cost we believe it is definitely an investment that should be well-researched before making your purchase to avoid regretting the quality, durability, or longevity of your dump trailer in the long run.

The most important feature on your dump trailer is the hoist, since that’s what makes it dump! Dump trailers currently on the market include one of three main hoist systems: Dual Ram, Single Ram, and Scissor.

No need to guess which hoist is the best…We’ve done the research for you!

Read on to compare the three most popular dump trailer hoists, their benefits, and our recommendations.

Hoist Comparison image credit: BigTex Trailers

Dual Ram Hoist

Isn’t 2 better than one? And the more the merrier? Maybe in the case of food and friendship, but not when it comes to dump trailer hoists! These are actually the hoists we would Not recommend for a dump trailer because of their potential for failure and their shorter lifespan than Single or Scissor hoists.

The Dual Ram lifts by putting its pressure along the outer frame of the trailer, which could cause frame fatigue reducing the life of the trailer. Another downfall to Dual Ram Hoists is their reliance on BOTH cylinders lifting in tandem, which means if one side ever loses rhythm with the other instead of lifting your dump bed it could cause a major frame twist extremely damaging your trailer…Resulting in BIG repair bills, or you needing a new dump trailer.

For these reasons, we do not sell any dump trailers featuring the dual ram lift. The National Name Brand Dump trailers currently on the market tend to be the Single Ram or Scissor Hoist.

Single Ram Hoist

The Single Ram Hoist is a popular choice due to its capacity and price tag. The Single Ram hoists are economical hoists that are fine for individuals with light commercial dumping and hauling needs.

Because there is only the Single Ram centered on the frame this hoist is less likely to encounter the frame fatigue or frame twisting issues faced by Dual Ram Hoists. They also require less maintenance than Dual Ram hoists.

7′ x 12′ Playcraft 10K Dump Trailer w/ Single Ram Hoist

Scissor Hoist

For the best, heaviest duty dump trailers we recommend purchasing a quality dump trailer equipped with a Scissor Hoist. The Scissor Hoist is the premium commercial grade hoist on the market. Because the Scissor Hoist has a larger surface area, it puts less pressure on a single critical spot on the dumpbed’s frame, and it is much more efficient at lifting and lowering heavy uneven loads.

Scissor lifts are also much stronger and have more lifting power than both Dual Ram and Single Ram Hoists.

7′ x 12′ Innovative 10K Dump Trailer w/ Scissor Hoist

Now you know the three main dump trailer hoists, and are equipped to make the best decision when you begin your trailer search. The National Name Brand Trailers currently on the market sell Dump trailers featuring scissor hoists.

At Norco Trailers you can find utility dump trailers featuring Single Ram and Scissor Hoists by the National Names Brands Playcraft trailers and Innovative trailers in stock now!