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Financing Your Trailer Purchase

Need Financing for your Trailer Purchase?

At Norco Trailers we have experience working with many Financing companies to help you secure the funds you need for your Business or Personal trailer purchase. We’re also happy to work with any Bank or Credit Union you currently have a working relationship with and are able to secure your own funding through! Our customers have had great experiences Financing through the Reputable companies listed below.


We recommend contacting us in order to receive an Out the Door* price worksheet for your selected trailer prior to applying for financing, in order to ensure you apply for the entire amount you’ll need.  *Out the Door Pricing Includes: Trailer Price, Plus Sales Tax, DMV fees, CA Tire Fee, and accessories*


Not sure where to apply for your trailer loan? Complete the Survey below to get a recommendation then scroll down to learn more or apply with the banks mentioned. 

*An approval with any of the following bank recommendations is not guaranteed based on minmum credit score alone, but this tool can be a useful guide to determine the best bank for a customer’s unique situation.

*All approval offers are determined on a case by case basis based on a customer’s creditworthiness as determined by each bank’s decision making process. Each Bank determines their approvals, terms, rates, and down payments; Norco Trailers doesn’t have a say in these decision making processes. If you have questions about a bank’s decision you’ll need to reach out to them.


Personal Trailer Financing & Business Trailer Financing Options:

For Personal Financing with a range of payment and interest options Compare:  Synchrony Bank*, Sheffield Financial, Lendmark Financial, OneMain, Rock Solid Funding, and United Midwest Savings Bank.

For Business Financing options Compare: Synchrony Bank*, CIT Bank, Sheffield Financial, and Banner Bank to find the funding right for you and your business!

*Synchrony Bank Business applications must be completed in our office. Synchrony Bank and Sheffield Financial installment loans can be put into a business name but will run the applicant’s personal credit to guarantee the loan.


Read about Each of these Reputable Companies Below:

Personal Credit Options for Customers with Good-Excellent Credit

Sheffield Financial

Sheffield Financial

Sheffield Financial offers the most complete trailer financing in the trailer industry. We offer several choices of retail financing including utility trailer financing, cargo trailer financing, dump trailer financing, lowboy trailer financing, and aluminum open trailer financing. With five separate trailer financing programs to choose from, our trailer financing options are sure to work for whatever your trailer financing needs are. Whether you choose to finance your business’s trailer with a business loan or a personal loan, Sheffield has a plan to meet your cash flow need!

Great for applicants who have 685+ credit score and who are comfortable having their personal credit guarantee the trailer loan in their personal name or business name.

Synchrony Financial

Synchrony has entered the Power MotorSports and Trailer markets and offers both Personal and Business loans using Personal Credit to guarantee the loans. If you'd like to register your trailer purchase into your business's name then you'll need to visit our office to complete the application process.

If you would like to get a personal loan you can either visit either store to apply or complete an application online and bring in your approval number and 2 forms of ID to either of our store locations to complete the paperwork process and purchase your trailer.

Synchrony generally approves customers with 670+ credit scores, and has been offering 8-17% interest rates lately. Many customers need to put 10-20%, but some are offered 5% or even 0% down payment depending on creditworthiness and the trailer being purchased.

Financing Options that use Business Credit

CIT First Citizens Bank logo for trailer financing

CIT Bank is now First Citizens Bank

CIT is a division of First Citizens Bank, the largest family-controlled bank in the United States. The company’s commercial banking segment brings a wide array of best-in-class lending, leasing and banking services to middle-market companies and small businesses from coast to coast.

Great Option for Applicants Business Credit over 670+ who do not want to use their Personal Credit as a Guarantor on the Loan.

Banner Bank logo

Banner Bank

When you find the perfect trailer that meets your hauling needs, Banner Bank will help you secure the funds you need to close the deal.

Banner Bank has competitive interest rates and up to 5 year terms for their Equipment Loans  for customers wanting to secure a loan for their business's trailer purchase, Banner Bank also offers great rates on personal loans!

Follow the link below to find the Banner Bank closest to you to discuss Business Financing options.

Financing Options for Customers with 575-650 Credit

RockSolid Funding

For more than 15 years, Rock Solid Funding has provided quick and reliable financing options for customers nationwide looking to finance all types of cargo trailers and utility trailers. Rates from 6.74% – 19.95% depending on credit.

Great Option for Applicants with 575+ Credit who are comfortable with a 10% down payment.

United Midwest Savings Bank Logo

United Midwest Saving Bank

Since 1889, United Midwest has offered a varying range of banking and financial services to several community and business groups. Our products, services, and expertise have the feel of a small community bank, but the reach of a national brand.

Enjoy the advantages of a fixed 9.99%-14.99% installment loan with 6-60 month terms, no hidden fees, and the power to buy big-ticket items. Quick application, approval, and contracting process to facilitate same or next day trailer purchases.

Great for applicants with 640+ credit scores who are comfortable with a 10%-15% down payment. ​

Financing Options for Customers with 520+ Credit Scores


OneMain Financial

OneMain Lending offers the cash you need with fixed monthly payments that you can afford and no prepayment penalties. We can help make your dreams a reality with a personal loan for most any purchase!

Minimum loan amounts are $3000. Some customers qualify for personal loans, and others qualify for secured trailer loans depending on credit worthiness.

Great Option for Applicants with Imperfect Credit.

lendmark financial service

Lendmark Financial Service

When you find what you want, Lendmark Financial Services help you with the financing.

Whether you are looking to finance a new or used vehicle, or simply want to refinance an existing loan, we can help. Go shopping and find the vehicle you want — our representatives are ready when you are to assist with convenient payment amounts, terms and options. Lendmark Financial Services

Credit issues? No Problem! Get in touch with your nearest branch and secure your financing today!

Because High Risk Credit Lenders tend to have high interest rates many times it can be less costly to make your trailer purchase using one or more credit cards, depending on your card’s interest rate. If you have credit cards with available credit it might be worth it to verify the interest rates to see if applying for a high risk personal loan will be more or less cost-effective for your trailer purchase. 

Norco Trailers accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards and does not charge fees for swiping a card payment, unlike some other businesses.