Custom DUI Checkpoint Trailer: Upgraded Pace American Trailer

Wrapped Cargo Sport DUI Checkpoint Trailer Oceanside Police Department; Choose your ride

There’s fewer things more rewarding in our business than seeing all the hard work we put into a custom trailer build come full circle and achieve our customer’s vision! We are incredibly proud of our factory’s work, and the awesome wrap design that finished off this Pace American Cargo Sport trailer build to make the coolest Traffic Services Trailer we’ve ever seen!

We were honored to work with you on this endeavor!

It’s not every day we get the opportunity to work closely with our boys in blue, who make sacrifices daily to keep us safe here in San Diego County, so we jumped at the opportunity when our nearby friends at the Oceanside Police Department asked us to help them build the perfect DUI checkpoint trailer. Paid for courtesy of a generous grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety! 

Happy Customers before getting the trailer wrapped!

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Oceanside Police Department’s Wrapped Cargo Sport, Traffic Services Unit
Oceanside PD DUI Checkpoint trailer Paid for Courtesy of a Grant from California Office of Traffic Safety
Oceanside Police Department’s Wrapped Cargo Sport DUI Checkpoint Trailer: 
Choose your ride; Don’t Drink and Drive!

This Customer Spotlight reveals a Custom Trailer Build we’re especially proud of from earlier this year… And since this trailer is upgraded more than any other currently in our 500+ trailer inventory, we’re also writing this Blog Post to Showcase Tons of Cool and Convenient Popular Upgrades that are currently available to custom order on any trailer from Pace American and Look Trailers‘ factories! We even included some small often overlooked Features that make the Biggest difference as a trailer owner and user!

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Pace American Cargo Sport Standard Features

First Things First… Before getting into All the Custom Features we added to this trailer, you need to know the key Features that set this Premium Car Hauler apart from the entry-level and mid-line models. 

The Pace American Cargo Sport is the Premium Auto Hauler Model with the most rugged framing. It includes All-Tube 16” on center framing and a screwless .030 bonded aluminum exterior without the screws or rivets you’ll see on a lower-end trailer model. 

16″ on center framing is more rugged and was built to handle weight being pulled against it. Whereas entry-level 24″ o.c. framed trailers were not designed for a lot of weight to be pulling in from the walls. 16″ o.c. sidewall framing is an especially important feature you need if you intend to install E-track and brace substantial weight to the walls of your trailer, or if you intend to cut sections out of the trailer walls out to install windows or doors (also options available from the factory!). 

The screwless smooth exterior is Ideal for customers intending to wrap their trailer with a logo or design, because the screws or rivets will create bubbles in the wrap design wherever there are frame posts; Depending on the design this may, or may not, obscure your vision.

In short, A screwless exterior grants the sleekest appearance and comes standard on the Premium trailer models!

Premium or “top of the line” models including the Cargo Sport from Pace American, or the Vision from Look Trailers, include two different interior wall options at the same price: Drymax or White Vinyl!

  • 3/8” Drymax oil, fuel, and water resistant walls are pre-sanded to be very receptive to paint, and engineered to not allow moisture to seep in causing warping or rotting that’s inevitable with other interior wood options (such as Plywood or regular OSB)!
  • Vinyl walls are thinner than the Drymax, but provide a bright, white, wipe-able interior that matches the included vinyl ceiling liner that also comes standard with this upgraded model!

¾” Drymax is standard on the floor for all trailers from our factory, but the premium models also include a layer of paint over the top that provides another layer of protection for the trailer floor.

Painted Drymax Floor, White Vinyl Walls, E-track, Fold down desk and bench, cabinets, A/C, Lights

To Learn even more Features and Specifications that are Included on Pace American’s Premium Car Trailer Model, visit our website to Download a CargoSport Auto Hauler Brochure.

Note about Trailer Height: A third member tongue is an option required by the engineers at our factory whenever the interior height of a trailer is 7’ or taller because this third member adds to the structural stability of the trailer! 

  • OPD’s trailer also has a 7’ interior height upgrade that grants a little more than 6.5’ height clearance at the ramp door of the 8.5′ wide trailers.
  • We also upgraded the third member tongue to a 12″ extended tongue to granting more turning clearance (reducing the likelihood of the dreaded trailer jack-knife that always damages both the tow vehicle and the trailer!)
  • PRO TIP: Extra height is a must have option if you ever intend to load an off-road toy like a RZR in your trailer, and Extended tongues are essential if you’ll ever be towing behind a motorhome!

Popular Upgrades for Convenience

Spare Tire Mounts are one of those options that’s oftentimes more convenient to have and never need, than to need and not have (just like the spare tire that should be on it…Just In Case)!

  • There’s a variety of potential locations tire mounts can go: inside or outside an enclosed trailer, and a number of styles offered as well!
  • Pictured on this custom auto hauler is a rugged bolt-on steel tire mount on the center draw bar of the extended third member tongue.

An Electric tongue jack up front removes the need to crank a manual jack to raise the trailer on and off the ball during the hookup and disconnect processes.  Simply with the click of a button the electric trailer jack does all the work for you with ease!

Electric tongue jacks save your arm, shoulder, and back from the manual crank jack!

A quick EZ Clip Breakaway connector makes hooking up to a trailer that much faster when you’re on the go!

It also removes the need to replace a standard breakaway plug when it gets accidentally looped too low and shredded by the road (it happens!). That will no longer be an issue since this style gets directly clipped to your tow vehicle’s frame and is only activated if pulled out with force!

EZ clip fast breakaway connector for easier quicker hookup and lower maintenance

Ramp Doors with Ramp extensions are standard features on all of our premium auto haulers (it’s an upgrade option on entry-level models) because they reduce the ramp clearance to load from 3-4” down to less than an inch!

Ramp door extension with bullnose edge trim, gap closer, E-track, Lighting, custom Desk & bench, cabinets, height, and more!

The Transition Gap Closer pictured is another very handy feature that covers the gap between the trailer floor and the ramp door, which makes loading anything with small wheels much easier! Since the department will regularly load dollies for traffic cones, as well as large wheeled lights for the DUI checkpoint, this Gap Closer was a must have option on this build!

Steel Transition Gap Closer covers the gap to reduce the difficulty of loading smaller wheeled cargo

Heavy duty corner post drop-down jacks were installed in the rear, so you’re able to load through the rear ramp without being attached to a tow vehicle (without the fear of bottoming out)!

Heavy duty rear corner post drop-down jacks were installed, so you’re able to load through the rear ramp without being attached to a tow vehicle (without bottoming out)!

Popular Upgrades for Avid Haulers

To maximize visibility on the darkest nights the officers opted to add two Recessed 50W LED lights on each side of the trailer!

We also added two rows of recessed E-track welded to the frame on both sidewalls! E-track isn’t the cheapest tie down style, but it is one of the most versatile tie-down options that offers an anchor point anywhere you’ll ever want to strap something to! Dual height rows in the walls also help to easily accommodate tying down any height cargo that will eventually be loaded into the trailer.

L Shaped Lower cabinet was paired with an L shaped upper cabinet that houses the electrical panel for the trailer, and provides plenty of storage space that’s both out of sight and secure.

  • These custom-built aluminum cabinets have trusted easy to open and close locking latches, so you’ll never worry about your cargo spilling out of the cabinets while you’re driving down the road!
  • The factory offers a variety of Cabinet combinations including Straight or L shaped, Upper and Lower cabinets, and storage closets!
  • This L-shaped lower cabinet is allowing for the vented generator storage box accessed on the outside of the trailer!
  • That switch you see on the lower cabinet is a Remote Start button for the Generator!

Power Packages….More Options to consider if you think you might ever want electricity in your trailer for convenience. 

The 30Amp/110V Lighting package is the most popular option we order regularly for our customer’s trailers; the package we typically quote includes the Shoreline cord, so the trailer can be plugged in to a power source and run any lighting, electrical outlets, or heating and cooling appliances that are equipped in the trailer. It also includes a couple standard wall plug outlets, and a couple 4′ fluorescent lights!

Shoreline cord power packages are great for customers who want to travel to and from power source providing locations with their enclosed trailer, because the intent is never to need electricity in it until you reach your destination that will supply all the power you/the trailer need while there.

Charging station with standard wall plugs, usb outlets and a 12v charger in between upper and lower aluminum cabinets

And where there’s a generator, there’s always a need for fuel! So the factory fabricated a 25-gallon fuel station that was needed to power the Onan Cummins Gas Generator!

No one wants to worry about having to store a bunch of gas cans or risk being powerless, so custom ordering a trailer with a fuel station is one way to avoid that hassle (and have the work all covered under warranty, which is how we prefer to roll).

They even include the locking fuel door so thieves will have a harder time targeting your fuel reserve, and a handy Fuel Gauge inside the trailer so you can quickly check how much fuel you have left!

GFI exterior recepts and locking fuel door

A roof mounted air conditioner with a heat strip is another nice upgrade that will ensure the officers are comfortable while hard at work no matter where the trailer is parked! This is also a popular Upgrade among avid haulers who enjoy camping inside their enclosed cargo trailers.

A standard white rim is so common, so we upgraded these rims just enough to set them apart from the rest of the trailers on the road today! The Cargo Sport model already includes chrome hub caps, so we upgraded from Silver to Black steel mod rims, and added an additional chrome outer ring around the rims to make them look even nicer without breaking the bank!

Even More Custom Feature Possibilities to Drool Over!

This smooth aluminum fold down desk was custom built for Oceanside PD from our factory to the exact specifications requested to make a comfortable height desk for officers to work at. 

So was this Aluminum Diamond-plate fold-down bench over the wheel wells!

We are incredibly grateful O.P.D. chose to work with our family at Norco Trailers on this custom build!

If you have unique hauling needs and would like to speak with an expert give either one of our family owned and operated stores a call and we’d be happy to help you resolve your hauling dilemmas!

What upgraded options do you want in your Dream Trailer? Did we miss your Favorite Upgrade?

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